Blood-Related Research

We aim to reduce the use of animal blood in testing and promote synthetic products usage. Our wide range of products are the gold standard in the industry.

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Cervical Cancer Screening

On the other side of the coin, women’s healthcare is equally important to us. We strive to make an impact and help our society. We deliver various solutions for screening of cervical cancer.

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We Seek to Offer You Personalized Solutions

Mur&Mur specializes in having a strong presence pan India and with the help of our competent channels, we are able to swiftly deliver solutions to cater to your personalized problems. We support our customers till their desired result is achieved.

  • Heparin Potency Assay
  • Blood Coagulation Factors
  • Haemostasis and Fibrolytic Testing
  • Cervical Cancer Screening
  • Automated Slide Processor
  • Specialized Kits

We are your one stop Resource for Blood-related Chromogenic products and LBC kits for Cervical Cancer

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CHROMOGENIX offers Haemostasis and fibrinolytic testing solutions based on chromogenic substrates for use in hospitals, clinical laboratories, blood banks and pharmaceutical testing.

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we put women health at the forefront of our goal . We strive to make an impact and help to build the better womanhood meaning. We are focusing Advanced Screening Technologies from cervical cancer.

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Although we are always available to talk and meet during our working hours (9:30am to 6:00pm), With prior information we can free up our schedule to focus on your needs completely. We would love to meet you in person, please fill up the form below and we will definitely get back to you.

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Safe, Accurate, and Effective Diagnoses

Market Share

Our chromogenix product has a huge market share and we want to convert more companies to use synthetic products over animal blood.

Direct Impact

Almost all of our kits sold have been used directly to screen women for cervical cancer. We have screened more than 100,000 Women. The rest are used for research purposes.

Saving Lives

Of all our screenings, 1% of them have turned out positive. Even though 1% of 100,000 is a small number, we are proud to have informed and saved the lives of these women.



Women Screened


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Synergy, Trust, and United by a Common Vision -Welfare of the society, concatenated this unique team of Hardworking Specialists. Harnessing over a combined Experience of 75 years, they run the show with Constant Innovation, Perseverance, and Care.

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Managing Director

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