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Who we are

Mur & Mur Bioscience and Health Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2007 which is a division of Regenix Drugs Ltd., specialized in distributing bioscience products from many principal companies across the world, which are advanced product designed to stay in sync with evolving research trends and growing demands

Mur & Mur is the India's leading Importer of quality biological research reagent (Biotech based product) from the principal companies of USA and European Union countries like Italy, France, Germany, Holland, etc.

We offer customized solutions with our products, which are used as diagnostic tools in healthcare and pharma’s. Our relentless effort in understanding the customer needs in the above-mentioned fields have been encouraging us to increase the product line and its emergent application.


Our Vision

To reduce and stop the usage of animal blood products in the blood research-related Pharma industries. Additionally creating impact on chromogenic business worldwide.

Our other cornerstone is woman health care, we are focusing on cervical cancer ensuring the brighter and healthier future.


Our goal is two-fold. We have a big market share in the Chromogenic research and Heparin industry, and we have eliminated the use of animal blood, replacing it with a gold-standard synthetic product. We want to completely stop the usage of animal blood, as well as aid in the preparation of Heparin, which is a very important tool in first aid, emergencies, and in Surgery.

As we put Women’s health at the forefront of our goals and aims, we are focused on cervical cancer. In India, cervical cancer contributes up to 29% of all cancers in Women. We would like to educate everyone and help in cervical cancer screening. Our product has helped screen more than 1 lakh women in India, but this is just the start.

Our passion helps us strive further and work harder to try achieving these goals, with a personal touch and to help cater to our customers.


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In our Journey in the past 15 years, we have changed our products due to the birth of novel and more efficient technology. We constantly engage in discussion with our clients and our manufacturer to ensure that we are able to deliver you our best service and solution.


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