Introduction Grovgel

Gellan Gum

GROVGEL gellan gum is a naturally derived (from Pseudomonas elodea), highly purified polysaccharide. It is an excellent gelling polymer which can be used for a variety of applications in place of agar. GROVGEL has the ability to form clear gels in the presence of cations, and GROVGEL gels have agar-like rigidity, thermal stability, clarity. and compatibility with nutrient additives. GROVGEL is an ideal matrix for the preparation of nutrient media for most microbiological applications and plant tissue culture work.

Evaluation of GROVGEL as an Agar Replacer

Screening test indicate that GROVGEL gellan gum gels are suitable as agar replacers for performing biochemical and enzymatic tests. The process of enumerating microbes during test for such things as ecological factors and quality control previously has been limited to agar gels. The GROVGEL gels readily accommodate this process.
An evaluation of the suitability of GROVGEL as an agar replacer for clinical isolates was conducted. Varied nutrient broths compared GROVGEL gels with microbiological-grade agar as the solidifying agent. Approximately 50 clinical organisms with differing growth requirements were tested as indicated in Table 1. Table 2 identifies nonpathogenic organisms Once again, test results indicated that GROVGEL gels were comparable or superior to agar in setting, optical clarity, and various gel strengths that could be attained by adjustments of salt and/or GROVGEL concentrations.
The overall performance of the GROVGEL gels was favorably compared to that of the microbiological-grade agar. GROVGEL gels were considered of gel strength.

Advantages of GROVGEL Compared to Agar

 GROVGEL may be used at approximately one-fourth to one-half the use level of agar
 GROVGEL gels are very clear compared to agar gels.
 GROVGEL has consistent quality and is not subject to the uncontrolled natural conditions which affect the basic properties of agar.
 GROVGEL gels set more rapidly than agar gels. reducing plate preparation time.
 GROVGEL gels are stable at elevated temperatures.
 GROVGEL contains no contaminating matter often present in agar and toxic to some sensitive organisms.

Easy Gel Formation

 GROVGEL gellan gum hydrates and disperses readily in both hot and cold deionized water. In cold distilled water, if forms viscous solutions.
 GROVGEL yields high gel strengths at low concentrations |approximately one-half the concentration of agar) in the presence of soluble salts.
 The low viscosity of GROVGEL solutions at high temperatures permits easy pipetting, pouring and pumping. GROVGEL solutions gel quickly and uniformly when cooled.
 GROVGEL can withstand routine autoclaving.
 GROVGEL is resistant to enzymatic degradation.