Bioscience Products (Chromogenix)


  • Prescribed in British and US Pharmacopoeia
  • Product name (Generic name is Chromogenic assay. Formulated for Anti –Factor Xa and Anti – Factor II and for Factor Xa and IIa and all anti-coagulant assay reagents for Heparin and Enoxaperin Sodium.)

  • CHROMOGENIX offers Haemostasis and fibrinolytic testing solutions based on chromogenic substrates for use in hospitals, clinical laboratories, blood banks, pharmaceutical testing and Commercial production of Heparin and Enoxaperin Sodium.The CHROMOGENIX product portfolio features over 30 products, including individual chromogenic substrates as well as complete kits with all reagents needed to perform specific analysis on automated instruments. CHROMOGENIX products are exclusively distributed all over india and thus involved in development of in vitro diagnostics.

  • Our product catalog features a wide range of Reagent kits, Calibrators, Controls, Chromogenic substrates and Bio-reagents.
  • The Chromogenix Reagent kits are suitable for testing a wide range of analytes in the field of coagulation and fibrinolysis.