Advantages of Grovgel

What are GROVGELGellan gum ?

1. They are highly purified Gellan gum based gelling agents
2.They are natural anionic heteropolysaccharide comprising of glucurinic acid,rhamnose and glucose.
3. They forms rigid,brittle,agar-like gels.

GROVGEL- Replacing Agar

1. Amount Required: Approximately ONE THIRD use level of agar: SAVE MONEY
2. Remarkably Clear gels in comparison to those formed with agar: BETTER RESULTS DUE TO BETTER OPTICAL QUALITY.
3. Gels set faster than those made with agar thus reducing plate preparation time: SAVES TIME
4. Better Growth supporting properties. WIDER APPLICATIONS
5. Gels stable at high temperatures: Supports incubation required by thermophilic microorganisms: SUPPORTS GROWTH OF WIDER RANGE OF ORGANISMS

Subtract your problems

1. No toxic impurities-contains no growth inhibitory contaminating substances (eg.,Phenolic compounds) as those found in agar.
2. Produced by a tightly controlled fermentation process, has consistent product quality; no batch-to-batch variation which is normally seen in agar.
3. Unaffected by the unpredictable elements of natural conditions which affect the basic properties of agar, thereby affecting shelf life.
4. Generally resistant to enzymatic degradation as against agar.

Easy Gel Formation

1. Disperses and hydrates easily in either hot or cold deionized water, forming viscous solutions in cold distilled water.
2. Can be used to provide high gel strength at low GROVGEL concentrations in presence of salts(normally at approximately half the concentrations required for agar).
3. As a solution at high temp it has a low viscosity-facilities pipetting, pumping.