About Us

Mur & Mur stands for Murthy and Murthy, which is a division of Regenix group, specialized in distributing bioscience products from many principal companies across the world, which are frontrunners in producing state-of-the-art products to maintain pace with the emerging research trend. Mur & Mur is known for goodwill among the aforesaid corporate client companies, research organizations and had come a long way in term of category and segment of products.



To deliver Solutions and Services par at Global Standard in value-based Research products and solutions tailored for unique needs of customers.



To form strategic Business partnership and to expand its product portfolio in order to produce High Quality Products at cost-effective rates with outstanding services.



Providing qualified reliable service with trust

Dr. A. Ramamurthy

Dr. A. Ramamurthy, M.D

A Post Graduate in Internal Medicine, Dr. A. Ramamurthy, M.D, turned to become an entrepreneur after 15 years of clinical practice. He brought with him the invaluable wealth of experience and in depth understanding of the health care, pharmaceuticals, R&D, manufacturing, regulatory compliance, marketing and exports.

However, it was his vision and commitment that led the company to its present position. Besides the success of Mur&Mur Bioscience, Dr Ramamurthy is credited with many successes. He promoted Grandix Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Grandix Laboratories (Both Grandix Group Companies were sold for an enterprise value of US $32 Million), Livmedica,BG Group of Hospitals and Retail Pharmacy Chain besides Regenix Drugs Ltd.

Mr. Muthu Kumar

Mr. Muthu Kumar

Mr. Muthu Kumar started his career as Quality Control Analyst in a famous food chain industry. He later joined Bio Sciences division of Grandix Pharmaceuticals Ltd. wherein his key role was marketing Bioscience products. He worked from ground-zero to build a very strong customer base in India.

Mr. Muthukumar was appointed as Business Development Executive, where he was instrumental in bringing the novel products in Bioscience and Healthcare domains, for the first time in India, which is now being used by eminent healthcare industries and research institutions. The success of his business development endeavour and his skills made him as the CEO of Mur & Mur and he now leads an energetic team of professionals.